Security overview

Your data is sent using HTTPS

All information transferred between your computer and our data centre is sent using an encrypted format. This means nobody can read your data whilst in transit except you and us.

We encrypt your patient data at rest

All sensitive information you add to Smilenotes including notes, patient details and files are encrypted using industry standard encryption. This means even if somebody were to get their hands on your data they wouldn't be able to read it.

Robust physical security

Our data storage facilities (based in the UK and European Union ) maintain extremely high standards of security, and include safeguards such as biometric readers for access, 24/7/365 on site security and security cameras. Our hosting partners are Google Cloud and Digital Ocean.

Regularly updated

Our firewall protected software infrastructure is regularly updated with the latest security updates and we monitor our systems carefully.

Your billing information is in safe hands

Subscription payments are managed by our partner, who are the industry leader in secure online payments. Stripe is PCI Level 1 compliant (the highest level of online card payment security you can get).


Our database and files are backed up on a daily basis. Backups are stored in a separate geographical location to the application server and is encrypted at rest.

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