What is Smilenotes?

Smilenotes is a cloud-based practice management software system designed for medical professionals, allied healthcare professionals, and complementary healthcare practitioners. Our time-saving software helps you write-up notes quickly and keep patient records organised and in one place.


Smilenotes was founded in 2015 by dental surgeon Lee McMeeking, who recognised how the power of technology could be harnessed to transform the way healthcare professionals write-up clinical notes.

Time pressures and the standard options available, made note-taking a tiring and frustratingly repetitive task. It was this struggle that sparked an idea which led to the creation of Smilenotes.

Smilenotes started life as a simple online ‘note-pad’ for writing clinical notes. It offered a fast and reliable way to write notes, making it much easier to produce extremely detailed and accurate notes for every patient, every time. Using a structured template based system, users could conveniently write notes using our platform then copy and paste them into their regular record keeping software with the click of a mouse button.

It was clear people liked using Smilenotes - and not only dentists! More and more people were signing up to our platform from a variety of professions, so we soon set to work adding a comprehensive stack of features to make things even better.

Smilenotes now provides a powerful set of record keeping tools for our customers - a secure workspace for keeping patient details, notes and files in one convenient place.

Why we're different

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Kinder To The Planet

We operate our own business remotely and our digital record keeping platform helps our customers go paper free and be flexible with how and where they work.

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Built By Clinicians

Smilenotes is designed and tested by practicing clinicians who understand the challenges you face working with patients in the real world.

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Easy To Understand

We are focused on the power of simplicity. In a busy and complicated world we believe less can be more. Reliability and ease of use is at the heart of our design process.

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We’re making better record keeping software available to everyone. Transparency, honesty and fairness towards our customers and people are the principles we strive to follow.



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