Power up your note-taking

We’ve made note-taking super-fast and easy - leaving more time to spend with your patients and less time writing and typing.

Save time and write better notes

Say goodbye to paper notes. Use our clear workspace to write-up detailed notes at lighting speed.

Note templates

Create your own fully customisable note templates for procedures and tasks you perform frequently to help breeze through the task of writing up client notes. Our easy to use template tool helps you set up templates in no time. Make templates as simple or as complex as you like. Colourise and categorise, plus share templates with your team so everyone can use them.

Write notes with a few mouse clicks

Drag & drop, add buttons, dropdown options and automation to your note templates.

Create detailed patient notes

Smilenotes helps you record highly detailed and compliant notes to meet regulatory requirements

View past notes

Easily view and check previous notes you've made about a patient.

We’ll convert your existing templates

Just email us your existing note templates and we’ll convert them to Smilenotes templates to save you the trouble.

Helping you with compliance

Notes are time, date and user stamped to help with auditing. Completed notes can be locked to prevent further editing.

Encrypted for peace of mind

All sensitive data, including your notes, is encrypted on our system for security and peace of mind.

One click copy

Copy and paste previous patient notes then edit/modify them to save time repeatedly writing and typing.

Share notes with other professionals

Print, or save copies of your notes as a PDF.

Speech to text

Write your notes by speaking out loud.

On your mobile, tablet or desktop

Write notes using different devices.

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