Clear, Simple Record Keeping

Create secure health records. Write-up up your clinical notes using our blazingly fast template system. Documents and charts are always to hand. Smilenotes works wherever you work.

Add Photos and Videos

Organise all your patient images and files conveniently in one place. You can even store short videos or voice recordings as well as letters and and other documents (pdf, xls, .docx, png, jpeg, mpeg4, mov, mp3)

Upload documents and files to Smilenotes

Treatment Notes

Keep a digital record of your patient notes. Write notes using Smilenotes on any device.

Writing digital treatment notes using Smilenotes on a tablet device.

Mobile Friendly

Smilenotes works on your mobile, tablet or computer wherever you work.

Past Notes

Easily view previous records about a patient.

Viewing past notes stored on Smilenotes using a mobile device.


You’ll love our super fast note template system. Add buttons and drop down menus to your notes. Type or dictate your notes.

Screen view of Smilenotes Notepad

One Click Copy

Make a duplicate copy of the last note - edit it and save time rather than repetitively typing notes again.

Body Charts

Use diagrams or charts to help enhance your written notes.

Screen view of Smilenotes chart feature: annotating a body chart with Smilenotes


Notes and files are date and user stamped and can be ‘locked’ to help you stay compliant with regulatory requirements.


Set user roles to restrict access to patient data to the level of detail needed by each user.


Label notes and files to keep things organised. Use our powerful search function to quickly find previous notes, patients and files.

Speech to text

Write your notes by speaking out loud.

Writing notes using your voice with Smilenotes

Export and Print

Download or print notes and files to share them with other practitioners.

Draft Notes

Our clean workspace helps you write up notes effortlessly. Draft notes appear as a card at the bottom of the screen. Quickly and easily switch between cards. Then click the tick when you've finished to mark as complete.

Writing notes using your voice with Smilenotes

Archive Old Patients

Hide from view the patients that you no longer see to keep your records neat and organised.

Patient Details

Securely record all the important details about your patients you need to help your clinic run smoothly.