Our new ‘Team Plan’ is ideal for larger or growing practices. Here’s what you can do:

Share your patient/client information and note templates with all your staff.

Add / Remove Members

Control who has access to your data and set permissions for each trusted team member based on their role. Notes and files are date/time and user stamped according to who wrote a note or uploaded a file to help you accurately record events.

Separate Logins

Everyone on your team gets a separate login. The base Team plan includes up to 3 user logins as standard, however you can easily add or remove team members according to your needs.

Usually Sees

Tag patients/clients with a specific staff member according to who they usually see for appointments.

Your Logo

Incorporate your brand into Smilenotes for a professional look. Add a business name and logo.

More Storage Space

The standard Team plan gives you 50GB storage – plenty of space for your files and documents. Each additional member get an extra 10GB.

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