This guide shows you how to manage your account settings and data preferences. To manage these settings select Settings from the main navigation menu.

From the Settings page select the relevant sub menu.

    Change Password or Username

    Your user name is the same as the email address you used to sign up. You can change your details here:

    Click on Edit My Account. Use the form to change your Smilenotes username (email address) or password.

    Recommend Smilenotes

    Show your support for Smilenotes by recommending us to a colleague. Enter an email address and press send. We'll send an email with a short message to the address you provide.

    Subscribe/Unsubscribe to our Newsletter

    Stay up-to date with the latest news and offers from Smilenotes. Learn about new functions and features as soon as we release them.

    News letter settings

    Auto Sort Finished Notes

    Smilenotes will archive all notes present in Finished Notes at the end of each day. Archived notes are permanently saved but can no longer be edited. You can view these notes on the 'Archived Notes' page or within the 'Notes' section of the client profile. Alternatively you can set Smilenotes to show up to 30 of your most recent notes in Finished Notes - after this number we will automatically archive the oldest notes.

    If you don't need your Finished Notes, you can select the option to permanently delete them at the end of the day.

    Auto Sweep

    Export Template Collections

    Download your note templates easily by clicking on the Data Export tab. Data is exported in .txt format.

    Advanced Export

    Download all your data on Smilenotes (including clients, notes and files) by clicking on the Data Export tab. Exported data is provided in a .txt and .csv format. Download time can take a couple of hours depending on how much data you have stored since we have to de-encrypt all your data. Once your data is ready for download, we will send you a password protected link to your user email address. To download your data simply click on the link provided and enter your Smilenotes password. This link expires after 2 days.

    Auto Log Out

    Help make your account more secure with our auto log out function.

    The auto log out feature detects if you are no longer using Smilenotes and automatically logs you out to prevent any unauthorised access to your account.

    You can control the timeframe after which auto log out occurs - between 30 minutes and 24 hours. The default time is set to 30 minutes. To use this function, navigate to the main Settings menu > Security.

    Auto Log Out

    After the inactive time has passed, an alert will be displayed at the top of the screen to verify whether you wish to stay logged into Smilenotes. If no action is taken, Smilenotes will automatically log out of the account.

    We recommend setting the shortest auto log out time interval possible in order to maximise security. In reality you’ll probably need to balance this from a practical point of view depending on your working practice.

    Combined with a strong user password, auto log helps you keep your account secure.

    Remember Me On This Computer

    Clicking the “Remember me on this computer” check box when you log in will keep you logged in to Smilenotes for 7 days. Once you've entered your login credentials, you will remain logged in continuously until either you log out manually or the 7 day period has ended.

    Auto Log Out

    This feature will override your preset auto log out settings. It works by creating a browser cookie (like a special log in passport) that expires after 7 days. If you clear your browser data or delete your cookies you’ll get logged out according to the preset auto log out time specified in your personal security settings. This feature only works when you've used a specific browser on a specific computer or device, so for example if you’re using Chrome you’ll have to apply the same setting again if you then start using Firefox.