Smilenotes allows you to design and create customised 'Note Templates' for the common procedures that you do.

Organise your templates into Categories so you can find them quickly and easily.

Note-template text can be colour-coded to help make reading and checking what you've written much clearer.

    Getting started

  1. To Make new Categories and Templates you must be on the Note Pad screen.

    Click on 'Edit Templates' here:

    Once in Template Editing Mode, new icons will become available that allow you to edit existing templates/categories or create new ones.(see screenshot below)

    Add a New Category

  1. Click on the Add Category button

  2. A pop-up window appears. Choose a name for your Category.

  3. Select a category colour by clicking on the colour square and making a selection.

  4. Press Save to create the new Category (or press Close to go back).

    Add a new Template

  • Make sure you are in Template Editing Mode, then click the Category you want to add templates to.

  • A new button becomes visible, 'Add Template'. Press this button to add your new template.

  • A new pop-up window will appear.

    Give your template a name..

    By default the template will be put in the Category you currently have open. If you'd rather put it into another Category then make a selection from the dropdown menu.

    If you'd rather put your template in another Category, use the drop down menu in the Category box (see below)

  • Type your note exactly as you want it to be written in the template box.

    Choose a colour for your template text by clicking on a coloured square in the selector.

    The default colour is blue.

  • Quick Label

    If you add a Quick Label to a template the number or text will appear automatically BEFORE the template.

    This is useful for things like local anaesthetic batch numbers or laboratory names. The Quick Label can be quickly and easily changed from the Template Settings page any time you need to update the details (eg when you start using a new drug batch number)

  • To add or remove a Quick Label toggle the selector here:

  • Select a description from the menu, then type in your label.

    The above template looks like this when you use it:

    Whenever you need to check or change the Quick Label you can do this easily from the Template Settings page.

Customise Quick Label Description

To create you own descriptions for a Quick Update Labels you must be in on the template editing screen. Follow the steps:

  1. Click'Add Quick Label'.

  2. Press the settings icon on the left side of the 'Label Description' field

  3. Now you are in 'edit-mode' enter a short description in the box. Separate different descriptions by pressing ENTER and using a new line. Press 'OK' to update and save changes.

    Next time you wish to add a 'Label Description' to a Quick Label (eg for another similar template) you'll be able to quickly select from your saved list which will appear in the drop down menu.